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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Female Body Talk | Why Every Woman Needs The Ultra Woman Daily Multivitamins

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Today I will doing a post on health and wellness. I decided to feature what I am currently using because its been quite a few months now and I think it'll be helpful to some of you guys. I initially, decided to pick it up, because I kept getting sick, feeling tired, my overall wellness wasn't great to be honest and I just hadn't been eating that well. So I decided to start taking the time to focus on being healthy, eating right and getting in some essential nutrients! 


Vitamins, in a nutshell, are basically organic compounds that provide nutrients for your body. There are so many different types and having them in the optimal amount, helps your general health and wellbeing. Most of these cannot be made in our body, so we do have to get it overtime, in small quantities, from our diet. 

Here are some of the vitamins/ minerals I look out for:

  • Vitamin C- is great for immunity! Taking it as supplements has really helped reduce my occurrence of getting colds.
  • Vitamin D- really is essential as there isn't much sun in the UK. So having this is great supplement for me. A few of my friends have had Vitamin D deficiencies which have landed them sick in hospital often after having migraines, feeling exhausted and generally unwell. It's crazy that a lack of Vitamin D from the sun causes so many problems!
  • Vitamin E- really is great too. I find that its great for my skin health and eyes too! I like the fact I'm using it in my skincare products and as a supplement too.
  • Biotin- is great for skin, hair and nails! I always try to maintain them as much as I can using the right products but biotin can really help promote growth, repair and regeneration of these tissues too! This helps in preventing brittle and breaking hair and nails. 
  • Calcium- is a great necessary mineral! Along with Vitamin D they really help maintain bones and teeth. In medical school, I learnt that low estrogen levels (which can be associated with menopause or missing periods) can cause weak bones (osteoporosis).  
  • Vitamin B12, folate & iron- is a great in preventing or treating iron deficiency anaemia. I have had anaemia (low blood count) in the past, where I'd often have dizzy spells and felt extremely tired. So I am all for having iron intake, because that fact the I have periods.. means I need to provide my body nutrients to make new blood cells.

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I popped into Hollands and Barrett's and purchased the Ultra Woman Multivitamins because it included so many good vitamins and minerals that I felt I needed day-to-day. Most of the time, I am super-busy, studying, working, travelling that I often don't always get the essential nutrients from my diet. So incorporating vitamins as a daily supplement, has been something I am so happy I've done as it has helped my health in many ways.

There were 100 caplets in the bottle. They are described as having a high potency. which I thought was great as I want to have the maximum amount I need to have daily. It cost £10.49 which I've calculated to be about 10p a caplet, which is reasonable. 

The tablets are quite a big size, I'm not a big fan of taking tablets in general, so having a big tablet like that isn't the best, but its okay because I usually break it into two before swallowing it. I usually have it with food once a day, as thats whats recommended

Since I've been using it over the last few months, accidentally skipping a few days in between, I would definitely say in the first two weeks I did find that I had more energy. I generally felt much better in that sense and I haven't really gotten sick with the flu or a cold which I usually get at least twice during winter..sigh*. So not getting a cold, really was a pleasant surprise for me!

why women need multivitamins from ultrawoman


As well as using the vitamins, I have been eating healthy and I really think the combination has really helped. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am getting my daily intake of nutrients and even if I miss a few days I just pick up where I left off. I like the fact that when I religiously use it, I feel better (evidenced by not being sick much) and trust me.. I sadly get sick quite often, which is a mixture of the cold weather, working in various hospital environments in the UK and Romania and studying with students who fly in from various countries. So there are always lots of opportunities for me to catch something and if that does happen, I want my body to have a great chance at fighting back!

I think the fact it contains essential vitamins and minerals is great for every woman! It has 48mg of a Ultrawoman special blend, but doesn't say what it is. But I guess this supports more female health as there is also an Ultraman. If you know what this special blend is, please let me know, I am very curious to know. 

It can really help supplement low iron associated with anaemia (during that time of the month..) and Vitamin D if you really don't get much sunlight. Also, if you are trying to get pregnant it has great vitamins which you'll need to continue later on anyway. 

Anyways I hope you liked this post! Do you take daily multivitamins, any specific one thats your favourite? Please comment below, I would love to know!

Lots of Love J x



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