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Friday, 23 February 2018

Refresh Me | Why Rimmel's #Insta Primer & Setting Spray Is Also A Great Daily Face Freshener

The Insta Fix and Go | 2-In-1 Primer & Setting Spray Review

Before I travel back to medical school, I always run around getting my last minute bits and bobs. I usually try and find a nearest boots or a superdrug because it usually has all the drugstore things I need (..superdrug is usually cheaper).

It's so funny because travelling back and forth all the time means that I'm always trying to juggle my things between two homes and I end up forgetting something behind. So I usually make sure to grab extra wipes, cotton pads, toothbrushes... and I look for 3 for 2 deals for my eylure eyebrow pencils lol. While looking through the makeup isle, I came across the #Insta Fix & Go by Rimmel, it caught my attention because I recently saw a review of it in a youtube video. As soon as I saw it, I thought hmm.. I'm definitely trying this out!

So in this post I'll be reviewing the #Insta Fix & Go 2-in-1 primer and setting spray by Rimmel. Although, I originally wanted to get just a setting spray, the fact that it caught my attention and I heard so many good things about it, I decided it would be worth a try.  I also thought the name was pretty cool because of the play on the word #Insta, because of the whole social media hashtag thing. And I ended up purchasing this one from Superdrug for a reasonable £6.99, feel free to check it out here.

Insta Fix and Go 2-In-1 Primer & Setting Spray

My First Impressions

So my first impressions of the bottle were good! I liked the look, I thought it was really pretty and pinky but a little on the smaller side. I have been so used to the Fix+ fluid by Mac Cosmetics that it looked so small to me. But after using it, I noticed that it actually was a good size because so far, it's lasted a very long time. I've sprayed it countless of times and it's still really full. 

The Finish and Effect

The finish was surprisingly good I only have to use 2-3 sprays and my makeup #insta- ntly has a dewy glow and finish. This is perfect for when you're using a setting powder and you need all your makeup to come together. Even when I accidentally spray it way to close to my face, my makeup is still undisturbed. I love the fact that I can use it as a primer, I've only remembered to do this a handful of times, because I keep forgetting its a 2-in-1.

Rimmel #Insta Fix and Go Primer & Setting Spray Picture

My Final Thoughts

When using Rimmel's #Insta Fix & Go I definitely notice that my makeup stays on a lot longer than normal! My face literally doesn't move.. my skin is soft and hydrated! It has a very subtle scent of cucumber which is very refreshing and I absolutely  love the smell and feel of it. even on a no-makeup day. It's become so handy when I'm flying, I  take it on board with me because it is only 100mls.. thankfully .. I remember getting a huge sigh of relief when I accidentally forgot it in my makeup bag. And the fact that it's so handy to carry around that it's now actually become my daily face freshener.

Hope you liked my review! Have any of you tried it before? Comment below which setting sprays or primers your using, I'd love to know. Thank you so much for reading!

Love you lots,

J x

Rimmel Insta Fix & Go Primer & Setting Spray Picture
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