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By Dr Juliet O.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why It Is Ok To (Want) To Be Successful

I asked my mum the other day, why should we be successful, is being successful even that important? Erm well..let me give you the back story. I'm 20 something years old and I've pretty much spent my whole life working hard and wanting so desperately be successful in everything I did. And I found myself staring at yet another jam-packed exam timetable after 1/2 years of medical school and thinking ahh... another hurdle...another bridge I have cross..yet again.

I dialled the phone and asked her without barely saying hello.. 'Mum, why should we be successful?', almost as if I was saying (why shouldn't I just give up). I remember feeling a sense of tiredness because here I was working hard, putting myself through the stress of medical school and wondering if the achievement of being a doctor would even be worth it. With only 6 months left, my mind had been so sidetracked and I looked at other people.. friends.. acquaintances and.. people on the internet.. I know right.. I was that sidetracked. When I looked at them I didn't see the same amount of effort as I was giving, I felt while I working hard, others were taking it easy. It really made me lose motivation to keep going especially as I had yet another academic hurdle to go through. I waited..listened.. and soon enough she gave me a very simple but interesting reply.

She said that God wants us to be successful, not so that we are rich and have all the money in the world, but so that we fulfil our dreams and BECOME OUR VERY BEST. She described our very essence as having seeds of potential growing inside us and how they need to be nurtured and grow so they can become something special. It made me realise that my focus needed to change.. having the best career achievements was not success, but it's the fact that I embarked on my own unique journey and I worked so hard to develop myself into much more than I was before! 

My purpose of sharing this special understanding with you, is not to be at all .. preachy .. but to give your inner-man/ woman a gentle nudge to blossom & grow.

You are built not NOT TO shrink down to less 

but to blossom into more!- Oprah Winfrey

Success is subjective, it is specific to you and not what idealistic expectations friends, family or society puts on you. I know for me a seed I would love to start watering is my giving side, I can't wait to be able to give back to others and change lives. I feel such a big connection to low-income countries and their care needs, and that may well be, because I am studying in one but I can't help of thinking about the fact that now that I am working in the healthcare industry, I actually wouldn't feel that comfortable to live anywhere in the world, because I am afraid of their low healthcare provisions. I hope in the near future I will be able to document, that side, of my journey! 

Success is commonly attributed to monetary success! For some it is the biggest part of what it means to be successful.. but if you take the time to consider long and hard, there is also so much more seeds other than money that are READY TO GROW! And it very self-limiting to not think beyond financial growth. This is still very important to me and it's something I would also like to have success in but, honestly, its not everything. Below I decided to write a list of what I want to be successful in and and I have included this part in, but last.

Here are some of the areas I attribute success to:

 Giving/ charity to others
☻ Maintaining good family & friendships
 Integrity & character as a person
 Knowledge/ Power
 Strength & Resilience to deal with stressful life situations
 Teaching others beneficial things I have learnt
Executing a vision/ idea without procrastinating
 Financial/ Career Stability

Over the past 20 something years, I have experienced a lot of successes (and failures too), of which I am proud of going through.... because my failures have made for an even greater SUCCESS story. And I am also aware that my drive and passion to succeed is not always understood, but it's okay. And even sometimes I question and ask myself 'why are you so hardworking?' and 'why are you so diligent in striving for success?' But a gentle still inner- voice inside reminds me that it's okay... always work hard to BECOME YOUR VERY BEST, fulfil your unique life's purpose and achieve your UTMOST POTENTIAL.

For those of you, who are big achievers and work tirelessly to challenge yourselves and achieve your best, I hope this post motivates you to keep going! Please comment below what areas you would like to be successful in and let's keep the conversation going. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Love you lots J x



  1. The truth of the matter is that I as a lady I want to be successful in all ramifications and yes positively too..
    I think money defines success no matter how much we wanna sweet talk the definition of being successful

    Glowyshoes's blog

    1. Hi hun. Thanks for commenting! I think that success means different things to different people. I guess it depends on whats important to you. xx

  2. I love this, related in a way to my post too haha. My favorite line was "Success is subjective, it is specific to you and not what idealistic expectations friends, family or society puts on you. " This is what so many people fail to realize until they are drowning in wants and feeling miserable. Also having that support network of friends and family that help you keep going forward is so important! Love how you also incorporate faith into this <3

    Jani from

    1. Thanks Jani, I know great minds think alike lol! I completely agree, having the support of friends and family does help! It was important for me to include faith into the post because success/ reaching your utmost potential is largely about working towards fulfilling your life's purpose. xx

  3. I wish more people understood this about life and stopped comparing themselves to others or trying to make others jealous. As your post says, success is (or should be) very much subjective, one man's trash is another man's gold. I think even more important than success is being content and grateful, as a life constantly chasing success will never be fulfilled. Easier said than done though  :-)

    1. Hi Abi! I completely agree, success can be in 'being content and grateful', something that many of us may never achieve. I think with the right kind of approach to life, we can achieve it.. or something close enough. Thanks for commenting. xx

  4. You've raised some really good points here. I think we've become so used to taking everything that society tells us is the norm, to the point that we become blind of our own selves, what will make us the "best us" we can be.

    1. Hi Claudia! You're definitely right! Sometimes, societal norms and values do have a big influence on what we think, that's why its so important focus on you're own individual journey! Thanks for commenting xx


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