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By Dr Juliet O.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

12 Reasons Why You Don't Have Flawless Skin

I often get asked about my skin, why it's so clear and if there anything I can suggest to help improve its appearance. And I thought It'd be great to share with you some of the key tips and advice I give. I didn't want to do the obvious thing and say all the amazing things that will help you improve your skin, but actually reasons why it may not be! This way it can really get you thinking what might be going on with your skin and work backwards to figure it out and change a few things around to really improve it. 

1. You do not have a skin care routine. 

Having a skincare routine is so essential! And it doesn't have to consist of lots of products, but sticking to a basic or even minimal skincare routine really can help improve your skins appearance. The two best things you can do to help your skin is to 1) cleanse 2) moisturise, regularly.

2. You are sleeping with your makeup on. 

If you are like me and wear makeup most days wear make up extra care should be taken for your skin, because you are regularly introducing products that may block pores can introduce bacteria and special attention should be taken care to unclog them at the end of the day.

3. You are removing your makeup wrong.  

When removing your makeup, be sure to use skin-type appropriate products. Using the wrong products to remove your makeup may make your skin worse. For example some alcohol wipes or products can be so drying (if you have dry skin) and although it removes makeup, a question to ask if 'does it care for my skin?' 

4. You are not gentle with your skin. 

Some of us may not be using the wrong products, but are washing our face too vigorously or maybe too often, causing abrasions or dryness. Although cleansing is important, you don't want to dry out your skin by over-cleansing. If you do cleanse often, use a milder cleanser or soap-free!

5. You don’t wash your makeup brushes. 

Makeup brushes can be a home of bacteria and not washing them regularly can really cause your skin to become clogged up. So washing them regularly is essential and if you really don't want to wash them so often then I would suggest buy loads! That way if they are dirty you can just use another one and leave a longer time between wash days. 

6. You are not using skin-type appropriate products. 

Beauty and makeup products always classify their items into skin types. They are specifically made to suit some skin types and you can notice that by their changing ingredients/ formulas. Using products that aren't right for your skin type may cause your skin to be irritated, and not be effective in giving your skin what it want. 

7. Your hands or hair touches your face too often. 

Frequently touching your face can actually introduces bacteria and dirt to your skin, which can clog up your large pores. You may notice that if you touch your chin a lot, you may have a breakout in that area or if you have a fringe/bangs, you may have breakouts on your forehead. So when examining your skin, look at where the breakouts are happening it can definitely say a lot!

8. You try out too many beauty products on your skin. 

Be cautious of using new skincare products and using too many all at once because this can actually cause your skin to get irritated. Trying out too many products means introducing chemicals to your skin and your skin can react to it, even natural ingredients can irritate your skin. So add a new product, once in a while, and watch to see how well your skin gets on with it.

9. You drink too much caffeine. 

As much as we love caffeine, it actually can dehydrate your skin. There are many drinks that have caffeine in it, including tea, coffee and even green tea. So maybe try, reducing the amount you drink or try replacing some of your caffeinated drinks with some great alternatives and mix it up! 

10. You don't drink enough water. 

Water is essential for the cells of our body, and to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, drinking plenty of water is key! This is especially helpful for people who have dry skin as it will help replenish your skins moisture. And is also perfect for coffee/tea drinkers as it helps with hydration.

11. Your genes are not designed to be perfect. 

This is where my med student hat comes on! Some of us are genetically conditioned to having specific skin types, this is not to do with weather, seasons and variable things. This is literally how your body is designed and all our skin varies in oil and water balance. It's all dependent on how your body regulates your oil and water balance on your face, you can read my blog post on this. 

12. There is no such thing as FLAWLESS skin. 

We are humans and unfortunately our skin is the only protective organ covering our body and it is prone to flaws. It is constantly being affected by the outside environment and getting flawless skin is near impossible. Having truly flawless skin is about being healthy, radiant and it is not about only looking perfect! The only way you get that is a great concealer, deep coverage foundation, flawless airbrush and a whole lot of photoshopping (lol)!


I really do feel that often times, we focus so much on perfection and being FLAWLESS! But it's really all about staying healthy. Hope you liked this post! Please let me know below. Love you lots J x


  1. I do follow most of these but I know that I don't wash my brushes nearly as much as I should! I know it's important so maybe I should schedule in some time to take care of that lol!

    1. Hey Tracy! There are these makeup brush cleaner gadgets you should check out.. it might help quicken the process xx

  2. Hi, great post. I am very guilty of not following number 7 :( number 12 is very apt too. Nice to wake up to a good skin day once in a well, sleep is a biggie for me.

    1. Yes, number 7 is definitely a hard one! I think with a simple cleansing & moisturising daily routine you'll see great results with your skin!


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