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Sunday, 11 February 2018

How to Get Glowy Skin With MAC's Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter (Review)

Blog photo of highlighter by mac cosmetics

I am back with another makeup review! Have you noticed? My blog has changed quite a bit! I've decided to add some posts of inspiration and an advice column because I get a lot of questions about this kind of stuff! But not to worry, I still love writing about makeup and skincare, and it'll definitely be a once a week thing (on Sundays)!  So nothings changed with that, but my blog has been growing..  which I am very excited about! Anywho lets get to the review, today, I will be talking about this new bad boy highlighter by Mac Cosmetics

So Mac is probably one of my most favourite makeup brands. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it was my first high end makeup I purchased, almost 10 years ago! So, I went to the new Mac store here in Romania just to look around to see if what they had. And as I was looking around, I was amazed at the fact that they had all of the darker foundation and powder shades! I was soooo shocked and couldn't believe they had colours way darker than me. In my 5 years of living there, I have never seen anything go beyond beige to tan shades.

Picture of Glow With It Extrdimension skinfinish highlight for darker skin

MAC Cosmetics | Extra- Dimension Skinfinish Highlight- Glow With It | £25.50

I managed to get my studio fix fluid foundation and out of excitement (the fact they had my shade..) I asked about the Mineralize Skinfinish Gold Deposit highlighter. She then came back and showed me  a highlighter even better. We did swatches of them and what I loved about it, was the fact that the colour was still so stunning on both of us but completely different, (she's very pale btw)! On my darker skin, it swatched very lightly as a 'soft, bronze shimmery shade', but then as she added more, the more gorgeous the highlight effect and it transformed. It was so buildable and not too much pigment on the first brush stroke.

Swatch of mac highlighter

MAC Cosmetics | Extra- Dimension Skinfinish Highlight- Glow With It | £25.50

Initially I thought I wanted something very gold and bright (just like the insta bloggers), but I realised that this was so much more wearable and I could easily wear it everyday! And if I really need that umph, I can just build it up with a denser brush to get much more of a dramatic highlight, and its so easy to build. Comparing it to the gold deposit highlighter, I would definitely say the minerals in the extra- dimension skinfinish highlighter are lot smaller and compact, so it looks more like strobing and with the amazing mirrors and lights in Mac my face was glowing and radiant. 

Wearing Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish Highligter

How I wear it (day-to-day):

-Eyeshadow + browbone highlight
- Inner tear duct colour
- Nose highlight
-Cheek highlight
- Cupids bow highlight

It's definitely not the cheapest highlighter on the market, but I really like the fact that the effect goes from minimal to glam! Although I tend to be more minimal with it, I've used it for 3 weeks straight! I really can't wait til the summer because I have every intention of using it as a body highlighter so I can glisten in the sunshine! 

And that's it guys! That's the highlighter I've been wearing on my instagram stories, I tend to be more glam on there than on most days, but hey why not! I hope you guys liked this post, I'd love to hear what highlighter you're currently using. 

Love you lots J xx

Pinterest images of mac cosmetics new highlighter



  1. I've recently gotten my hands on one of the mac extra dimensions highlighter and I've been really loving it.

  2. Wow it's gorgeous and you look amazing in the last photo!!! I love bronze highlighters, I have one from Technic that I bought last summer and it's gorgeous!


    1. Thanks Yiota! I was really surprised how great the highlight turned out! Never tried the one from Technic, but will keep an eye out for it xx

  3. I haven't bought anything from MAC since years! I really should revisit and pick up a few of their new releases.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hi Shireen! Yeah they have great new bits! These highlighter come in a range of colours, so definitely check them out! xx


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