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By Dr Juliet O.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

#DEARJULIET: How Do I Get Clear Skin Without Using Too Much Products?

 Usually my skin is fine and I see progress and I can physically see its getting better. And then I start getting spots on my face, randomly, and it really messes up my skin and my routine. I feel like there is something I'm doing wrong and I never know what to add to adjust my routine. So basically my question is, how do I clear skin without using much products? Anonymous x


Hi! Thank you so much for sharing! It seems like the step for you is to figure out what is going on with your skin. I would suggest you really take the time to examine your skin and describe what exactly is happening. Take at look at each area of your skin and ask yourself:

  • If you have spots or pimples, what colour are they? Can you see whiteheads, blackheads? 
  • Do you have darker areas or patches on your skin?
  • What part of your face is affected the most?
  • Do your skin change after/before period (i.e. hormonal changes), times of stress or when you eat a particular food?
These are great questions to ask yourself as it will help you identify the problems you notice with your skin. Definitely see your GP about this, because if does affect you quite a bit, they can help with treatment. 

In regards to 'cosmetic' skincare products, usually a basic skincare routine consists of using 1) a cleanser 2) a moisturiser 3) an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and to improve appearance. So depending on your skin type. To find out how to determine your skin type click here

When you have decided on a cleanser, a moisturiser and an exfoliant then use them for a few days and see how that works for you. Pay special attention to keep your pores unclogged, to discourage the formation of acne spots. Make sure to exfoliate (using a skincare product or a exfoliating sponge or brush) to help with the removal of dead skin cells as those too can clog your pores and cause spots. 

I think those 3 are a great start! Hope this helps.

Thanks J x

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