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Thursday, 16 November 2017

New In | What Garnier Products I Have Been Loving

One of my favourite affordable skincare brands is Garnier. Whenever I'm in superdrug or boots, I usually gear towards this brand. I think its mainly because their products are always usually calm, gentle and soothing on my skin! I really wanted to do a post about the Garnier products I have been loving because they have been a staple in my skincare routine for a long time. Although there are several other brands that I enjoy using, I thought it'd be a great idea to collect a few that I like from each and I'm starting with Garnier skin naturals.

Garnier fresh clarifying wash combinaton to oily skin, sensitive skin

Garnier Clarifying Face Wash

This is by far, my favourite product in my whole entire skincare routine. I use it depending on how my skin is looking that morning, especially if my skin is looking oily and tired. It works best when my skin is oily, maybe after wearing makeup or after a long day and after your skin has been cleansed, it leaves you with a smooth, oil-free, matte appearance. The texture is with a smooth, gel- like consistency and it feels so nice because it cools and refreshes your face face. It even has a nice cucumber or aloe vera smell to it, which I also love! This Garnier face wash has been a good clarifying facial wash over the years and is perfect for my sensitive skin!

garnier soothing cleansing lotion perfectly removes makeup

Garnier Facial Cleansing Lotion

I use this when removing my face and eye makeup, because it is so gentle. I simply squeeze a generous amount onto a cotton pad and use it to wipe away my makeup. This cleansing lotion is really light and removes my makeup and impurities off my skin, so easily. I can remove both my face and eye makeup without having to rub the lotion in too much. Because I wear makeup on most days, I tend to use something gentle enough for daily use.

Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water

And finally, the garnier cleansing micellar water! I did a review on this so you can check it out here. This have pretty much replaced my makeup removal wipes. For the past year, I have been using this as a makeup remover, when I wear light makeup. And just use it simply as a refreshing cleansing water and facial toner!

Hope you liked this post! If there are any products you're loving I would love to hear about it. See you on the next post. 

Love J x


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