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By Dr Juliet O.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Summer Wish List

This is my best season yet! Not just because of the sun, and the fact that I've just finished medical school, which is super-exciting! It's been a long journey, but I am so happy that I am finally a doctor! Now its time to celebrate, so I am getting all my bits and bobs ready to go! I am travelling to 3 continents in 3 months; Africa, South America & (of course) somewhere in Europe!

I always like a summer glow, when ever I do my make up, I love my skin to look fresh and glowy. I always love to set my face with the Fix+ by Mac but recently a make up artist used a Fix+ with shimmer (limited edition) and within a few minutes of it setting, I had an instant glow. It has these tiny gold deposits inside which you can see instantly but once dry, it gives more of a radiance, which is great for that holiday glow!

Next on my list are fragrances! I always seem to enjoy using floral scents during the summer months because it makes me feel vibrant and energised. I recently heard about the Clive Christian fragrances and it's definitely on my wish list for a luxury summer perfume. Their perfume bottles are so luxurious and sophisticated and there are so many scents to choose from!

Blushes and lipsticks! I love coral, pinks and red, they are perfect for the summer! I recently purchased The Saharan Blush Palette by Juvia's Place Volume I and really want to get volume II because it looks so much like a summer blush palette! Their palette have the best pigments, after a light application on my cheeks, I saw the vibrant colours instantly and I was really impressed.

I am in awe of the of the Miu Miu sunglasses! The last few times I was the duty-free, I would try on so many sunglasses in hopes to find the perfect one. Although, I really like wearing, it can be really challenging to find the ones with the perfect fit. But these ones, are the best shape for my face and they are slightly bigger than other sunglasses I've tried, so it really sits well on my face. I think I might have to splurge this time at the airport!

Last but not least, I have my eye on the Dior Blackout mascara, it is the best mascara I've used to date. It has a big barrel, which is easy to hold and brings out every lash. And the best thing about it, is the fact that it is waterproof, so it lasts the entire day. I haven't used it for over a year now, but I definitely need to get it back this summer.

And that's it for my summer wishlist! Hope you guys liked it, I really want to go shopping now! Ha! I guess thats what happens when your writing a post on these things. I'd love to know what is your summer wishlist. So feel free to comment below.

See you in my next post. Love you lots Jx

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