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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Motivational Post | A Moment To Reflect On Life... Why Direction Is More Important Than Speed.

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Everybody has those goals that are looking to achieve! If you're anything like me, you probably sit down, write your goals and give your self a well-deserved time limit on when you would like to achieve it. For some, these goals are met in good time, but for a lot of us, they're not! We often struggle with the disappointment that is associated with underachievement. In this post, I'm reflecting on my goals and letting go of the chase that comes with an ambitious lifestyle.

So lets go back a bit, I've wanted to become a doctor since I was about 16. I had this plan of when I would start medicine, where i would study, when i would get married, how many kids I would have and even where I would live. With it, I also had time scales, I was adamant I'd be a doctor by 23, married and bought a house at 24, had kids 4 kids by 30. I'm sure I'm not the only female that has done this..sigh.. 

As I grew older, I realised that all those accomplishments I'd planned to achieve were not as easy as I thought and I even saw that some of these some women, had never achieved even without a time limit! It all became fully aware to me that, I was actually setting myself up for failure

That's not to say that you should not plan in terms of days, months and years, but it is also to be mature enough to understand that if you're "on your way there" NOT achieving doesn't mean anything. For example, I did not become a doctor at 23, like I originally planned, but I am in that direction. I am in another speed limit, a slower one, but regardless I will still on my way achieving it. 

Its all about, perspective

Now, if I think about the contrary, what if I wasn't even in the right direction? What if I was driving my efforts and time in the wrong way?  That is a far scarier thought to me as I would have completely missed it! I always think, isn't it far better to know which way you're going, rather than to feel defeated over the fact that you are not there yet? When I think back my goals, ambitions and what I want in life, I now refocus and think 'which way am I going next', rather than 'how fast'.

When I really stopped to think about it, I thought 'whats the rush', who is rushing you? Is it pressure from society, do you need to have it all by a certain age. Am I looking at what my friends or what other people are doing this age? Especially when considering the fact that some goals have no actual time restraints, so why did I feel that I had to do everything now. Does my purpose in life have to be done and dusted now?

I wonder if a 40 year millionaire thinks about the fact he didn't make a million when he was in a 20s, when he's living his financial freedom now. I wonder if a 41 year old wife who just had her first child feels less than because she didn't have it all in her 20s, when she's experiencing everything she wanted now?

I am motivated, not because everything is perfect and exactly how fast I've wanted it, but because I realised what's more important in life. I hope this post encourages you to achieve your goals with the route in mind and not the rush. Thank you so much for reading and go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Would love to hear your thoughts below.

Love you lots J x

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